Can you believe it? Just a couple months after losing my job, I will find myself in Bangkok, Thailand ready to start teaching middle school! Whew!

As crazy as it is, the cool thing is seeing God’s work so evident in every part of this adventure. You not may not have known, but since college (when I learned of many cool overseas opportunities), I have been hoping to go overseas…someday. It’s such a great way to see more of God’s world, and to reach out to an area in need of the Gospel. I’ll be at a Christian school, where I get to openly share God’s truth and love with kids — most of which have not heard the Gospel before.

Maybe you also didn’t know that one passion I hold dear is my love for words. I love to write, and it’s been my hope to one day teach language arts in the upper grades. The job I initially interviewed for was a 6th grade math and social studies position — fun, though not my favorite. But the job they eventually hired me for is a 6th grade language arts/social studies position. Wow, that alone would be such a great opportunity!

And, last of all, I can’t wait to learn to love Thailand…especially because of its great need for truth and God’s freedom from bondage. Many people in Thailand are affected by poverty and sexual exploitation…and I think like over 90% of people there are Buddhist. In my humility, I realize I know nothing of these kinds of hardships (and quite honestly I don’t know what I’m getting myself into), but I am so confident and delighted in knowing that the Lord in His purpose and sovereignty is crossing the paths of my life with this people group. How awesome!

I have two weeks left of school. My heart is heavy to be leaving everything I know (again!) and to say goodbye to such a rich and beautiful chapter of my life, even if it was just two years. (I’ll reflect more on my time in Puyallup later.) But every part of me knows this is right. I have every intention of returning to Puyallup — Lord willing. Yeah, there are no guarantees…but what guarantee could compare, anyway, with knowing a sovereign and loving God who holds us all in His hands?

International Community School of Bangkok:

2 thoughts on “Thailand!

  1. Holly! Wow! I am so excited in getting your email and reading your blog this morning! Thailand!!! A dream location for me! You are going to absolutely LOVE IT!!! =0) When do you have to go? and is it a paid position or do you have to raise support? I know a few people who teach at a school in ChangMai… I will have to connect you with them. =0) There is a great missionary school there called Grace Academy. Anyway… so thrilled for you. I will be praying for your preparations… and look forward to keeping updated with the details and writings of your heart. I have subscribed to your blog now so it should send me an email when you post! =0) blessings to you friend!my short update… i think i told you i was pregnant?! due date is July 8th… so getting close! Having a baby boy! so excited!

  2. I went to your school's website. It looks so nice! Contemporary, pool, fields, sports, etc. It's going to be fabulous! I can't wait to hear about your journey there. Jody

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