What I’m keeping so far.

What I’m not.

Can you tell which is winning? I have been crazy busy this week, with doctor appointments, report cards, getting new glasses, packing up an apartment and a classroom, shuffling through paperwork, ordering important documents that I’ve lost and then finding them again…oh, and then there’s teaching 2nd graders all day. Whew!

Going through my things yesterday really confirmed just how much we live in excess. Wow. Moving is good, if only because it gives you a chance to clean house a bit and rid of the junk…and, actually, I’m thinkin’ it’s more than our closets that need it. 🙂

Please pray for me as the days quickly pass. Pray that I can love fully and freely in my last days in Puyallup and my last days with family before I go. Pray for good conversations everywhere. Pray for a prepared heart. Pray that I can get my things packed and moved, which means I need to find a truck and some strong people! Pray that Jesus be everything always.

2 thoughts on “Moooooving

  1. I will pray for all the things you asked for and that your new experiences will help you to grow in the direction you want to grow. You are already so wise. I'll miss you, I've enjoyed getting to know you. I'd be happy to help with the grunt work of your move. Just let me know where and when. Kelly

  2. God i pray for Holly today, that you would continue to strengthen and motivate her as she packs and closes things up in Puyallup. What a blessing this time in her life has been, thank you for giving her the opportunities to work and live in a place that has been so encouraging to her heart & spirit. God i pray that you would empower her with Your Spirit as she says hard goodbyes the next few days and weeks. Give her Your divine Peace as she says "hello" to so much change and newness in the coming months. Teach her to lean on You for guidance, wisdom, love, and strength. Prepare her heart for this new place in life. Thank you for the promise that wherever she is at there You are as well! Bless Holly as she trusts in You Lord. you darlin'… so excited for you. praying for you in the details of it all. keep us up-to-date please! =0)

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