Let’s start the countdown…22 days!

Hello from California!
Check this out, on my letter of intent, they call me a “teacher/missionary.” How cool is that? Two wonderful titles in one! I know, as Christians, we’re all missionaries in a sense, but it’s an honor to be called one.

I am tentatively scheduled to leave for Bangkok on my 24th birthday, July 21st! Please pray when you think of me!

  • that I can get my visa in time. I’m not familiar with all this stuff, and I am still waiting on some paperwork, so I can send in the application.
  • that I know what else to do to prepare, and what things to bring.
  • for my move…unsettling to me that I don’t have the details figured out yet, but I do trust it will all come together, as it always does!

I have a lot of peace about everything, praise God. He is faithful, and oh-so good!

3 thoughts on “Let’s start the countdown…22 days!

  1. 22 days!!! wow… they will fly by for sure… praying you can capture each moment of time as you prepare & spend time with people you love! will you be back up north before you leave or are you in CA the whole time?

  2. I will be in California until July 6th. Then I leave for Hawaii (from Sea) on July 9th. I return to Seattle on the 17th…so yeah, a few days in Washington! If you're coming up this summer, you should come to my goodbye party on July 20th! Tifani, I'm praying you and baby are doing well (and Rob too :)! And I just realized you have a blog too — so I'll hafta visit it!

  3. Holly! It's Renada. 🙂 I'm so glad you have a blog so I can keep up with your adventures. Have a fantastic (and relaxing) time in Hawaii. Hope to see you on the 20th!

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