A little change of plans…


Hello all! Just got home from a very special, very sweet going away party. Thanks to all who came. It meant a lot to me. 🙂

So, because of all my visa complications, I am not able to fly out tomorrow, as planned…and am instead rebooking for this Thursday. Though it’s been a bit of a stress having so much up in the air, my new administrators have been very encouraging and supportive, which helps a lot. Also, I know your love and prayers are felt daily as well! Kind of grateful in a way for some extra days here, to get things finished up — and to celebrate my 24th birthday tomorrow!

Please pray for two main things: Firstly, that I get that stinkin’ visa — tomorrow would be nice!! And second, that my background check from a couple years ago will suffice for my work permit (because I don’t have time to get a new one!).

Just got back Friday from a fabulous trip to Hawaii with my Dad and family that included lots of snorkeling and parasailing too! Oh so blessed to have such precious time with loved ones. Enjoy highlights from both trips on the slideshow below!


To view more Hawaii and summer photos, check out the link to my facebook albums, even if you don’t have facebook:

One thought on “A little change of plans…

  1. I so enjoyed meeting some of the people dear to your heart. The Hedmans were so gracious to host this event. What a beautiful home! And what a blessing and testimony when they prayed over you! Love you, SJ

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