4,849 miles later…and 35 pounds lighter!

Hello from Tokyo everybody! Likin’ the airport here (even though I have no idea how much I just paid for wireless…500 yen, is that a lot?)

So, this morning, my friends were making fun of me on the way to the airport, because of all the things to worry about, I was just stressed that my bags would be overweight. WELL…turned out to be a valid fear, my friends.

One of my bags did end up being over 70 pounds like I feared, but worse than that, I learned at the airport that United International flights require all bags to be 50 pounds or less. Oopsies! And, to make matters even worse, we had to work with Mr. extremely rude airline dude. (If you know me well, you know that nothing scares me more than mean people.) So there we were, frantically throwing out 35 pounds worth of stuff onto the floor. I think I said “this is awful” at least 20 times before we were through. Needless to say, Andrea and Anna went home with…a bunch of my things! SO glad they were there to take it all — and so glad they were there to laugh about it with me!

Anyway, it all worked out, and maybe the Lord allowed that mess to happen so I’d be distracted from any other fears. I felt pretty good once that ordeal was done-with! 🙂 And, hey, at least I can lift my own suitcases now.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. I really enjoyed the plane ride, and now I’m kind of ready to just be there! I should reach Bangkok Friday morning, your time.

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