Day 1

Here are just a handful of pictures. These were taken in or around my new apartment, which is right next to my new school. I’m on the fourth floor (and so is my classroom), so I think I’ll get lots of exercise! It’s been fun today, shopping around and observing. I ate lunch out for about $1.50, and it wasn’t spicy (yay for me)! But my new friend, Miriam, found out the pork fried rice was definitely spicy. Miriam is a new 6th grade teacher like me, and she’s also my neighbor — so I think we’ll become good friends!

It’s hard to know what kinds of things to buy and how settled I should get here. Two years is a long time…but what will I do with the things I acquire when I leave?

Thinking of you all and so grateful for a way to share everything with you. I am uber-tired (maybe because it’s 3 am Washington time?), but I’m trying to stay up until at least 8 pm tonight! The Lord is gracious, providing in even the smallest ways. He is so good!

6 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Great to know you have arrived! Sorry to hear about the airport incident. How awful! Your apartment seems very nice! Is the building quiet or noisy? Are the elevators slow or fast or will you be using stairs? So glad you have found a friend early on… Where is Miriam from? (LOVE that name!) Have you been debriefed on what you missed at the orientation? I got your email and I'll be looking for that envelope… Thanks for the updates! LY, SJ

  2. So exciting! I'm so glad you have this blog, the rest of us can live vicariously through your adventures. By the way, you better stop saying you're not an adventurer, I don't think anyone will believe you any more. Have fun, I know you will grow so much in this experience. Kelly

  3. Thanks, Sary-Jo and Kelly, for commenting! Makes my day! You guys are so great. I accidentally woke up already (it's 4am here). To answer your Q's, Sary-Jo: The building is very quiet, even though a family of five lives next-door to me! Elevators — what elevators? šŸ™‚ Lots of stair-walking. Miriam is from Manitoba, Canada. (She's been teaching in Egypt the past couple years.) Orientation starts on Monday, so I haven't missed anything. In fact, many people came around the time I did (phew!).

  4. Nice apartment and nice area around your school. A family of 5, perfect! Miriam sounds interesting, from Egypt to THailand, she'll be going through more culture shock than you!Women of Faith was great! I'm glad Deanna got your ticket; she really enjoyed it. I enjoy your blog…your just a click away. Jody

  5. Anna — I do have my own bathroom, and yes, I can take hot showers too! (Though I like 'em a little cold here!) Washers (AND dryers!) can be found downstairs…so the only bummer is the four flights of stairs.Jody — so glad you guys enjoyed Women of Faith! Wish I could have been there.

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