Rain showers and swimming

Hi all! Check it out, this picture is of my apartment building. Some guys have been doing work on it, and this is the scaffolding they use — bamboo tied together with rope! They climbed up and down in their bare feet! We watched ’em for a while, just because it was so interesting.

Today, we went to church held at a nearby hotel. It was started by some ICS families and some other missionaries. Way fun to meet so many missionaries and to hear just tidbits of what God’s doing through them, and how they ended up here!

I saw my first rain shower today, and I really liked it, because it definitely cooled things off. Then later, we went for a swim. Our school’s pool is always open to us, and it’s very nice. In fact, maybe I’ll take up swimming! 🙂 Every Sunday, the families of ICS come together for swimming and soccer and things. I can’t believe how many families there are that have stayed here 8, 10, 12 years or more. Lots of kids running around. Of the new teachers, I think Miriam and I are the only ones who aren’t married! It’s a joy getting to know everyone. Such nice, genuine people. I met a new friend yesterday, Karly, who’s adopted from Korea like me! We both grew up in white families, and we laughed about how we sometimes forget we’re asian. We’re wondering what our new students will think about us — English-speaking Koreans in Thailand.

Tomorrow is the start of orientation!! Sometimes I get flustered at the thought of school starting in two weeks…and I’m teaching 6th grade…and I have no idea what it will be like! Just gotta remember, it’s not about me. And then, there’s not so much to be afraid of!

Not to us, oh Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory…
Psalm 115:1

4 thoughts on “Rain showers and swimming

  1. Love getting to read your thoughts and experiences! I can't help but connect my first memories of teaching oversees with yours… even though i know they are and will be vastly different, there are some similarities that cause me to reflect and remember those days! What a great experience it was and I continue to pray that your time will be the same! (and even better) Praying for you as you continue to adjust to the time, culture, and newness of community. That you will develop DEEP and LASTING friendships! and for your preparations for the school year. Keep updating as you can! love it!

  2. Oh, so you haven't had orientation yet?! I thought maybe you were going to miss the first part…. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks for the updates. You sound much more relaxed! And your attitude about what's coming is right on – though I've experienced first hand your talents and you'll do a great job!! LY, SJ

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