sweet tacos and Thai kites

We have to be braver than we think we can, because God is calling us to be more than we are.” Madeleine L’Engle
Darren, our headmaster, shared this quote with us yesterday. We talked a lot about the transition of coming here, and how it changes you…how it’s hard for everyone, but it always gets better…how it teaches you to depend on Jesus so much more, and how that alone makes it worth it. They say you’re just never the same after this. And, I have to say, it seems like so many of these people came here…and then they couldn’t leave…or they had to come back. Kind of scares me, it’s true. But it’s a good, excited kind of scared.

Here are some fun moments we’ve had the past couple days:

Karly, her husband Mike, Miriam, and I went to a big mall downtown called MBK. Karly and I found sweet tacos with whipped cream and…cheese. We tried to ask the ladies if it was marshmallow or what, but I could only find the word “sweet” in my Thai dictionary,which is pronounced “wahn.” So I pointed and said, “Wahn?” And I think she just thought I meant I wanted “wahn.” Hehe. Then we decided we had to try ’em. Not bad!

Then, today, as part of orientation, we made Thai kites and flew them around the school yard!

Here is a picture of my new classroom! Clearly, I haven’t started decorating or anything. Kind of sad that my kids probably won’t believe me this year if I tell them their classroom is an island, or a pirate ship. 🙂

3 thoughts on “sweet tacos and Thai kites

  1. Wow! The classroom is so clean!!! I know you'll personalize it in a beautiful and unique way!! Can't wait to see those pictures!! Love, SJ

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