meeting the culture

We’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the sites around Bangkok this week. Yesterday, we went to a floating market, where people like these ladies sell produce and plants from their little canoes. We also got to ride one of the canoes down the canal!

Enjoy the slideshow below to see more pictures of our outings, including our trip to a nearby park. That’s where we rode the cool swan pedal-boats. And that’s where we followed around the monitor lizard, who was like 4 feet long, head to tail. (He never did get out of the water like we wanted him to!) I also saw my first elephants yesterday while riding the bus!

Thanks for your love and prayers! Praying for new relationships to be built here, and for God’s work to be done at ICS. He has been so faithful to this place — I feel deeply privileged to be serving here!

7 thoughts on “meeting the culture

  1. LOVE the pictures!! The big lizard thing has me all weirded out – for sure!! UGH!! So glad you're getting a chance to do some sight seeing before you get swamped with school. Any theme ideas for your room yet? Have you had a chance to look over the curriculum? By the way, check your email…. SJ

  2. Sary-Jo, I just don't think I'm going to have a theme for my classroom this year! We don't have rolls and rolls of butcher paper here, and with middle school…it's different. 🙂 In fact, I think my decorating will be minimal. I will just put up what's already available. And the curriculum, yeah, looked at it a bit. I'm anxious to talk to the former language arts teacher next week. She'll be way helpful. Glad you love the pics. And, I am praying, praying, praying for you and your family!!

  3. I love the pictures too! Way cool to have a friend from Korea. Wow, I thought it would be mostly young, single people. But really, it's a great way to work and see the world. Is that picture of the lizard in the water or is it a snake that you saw there as well? Elephants, crazy! Jamie leaves for Sambica tomorrow.Jody

  4. Hey Jody, yeah, that picture is of the monitor lizard. He didn't get close enough to get a good pic, but I know, he kind of looks like a snake — so long and slithery! I've been thinkin' of you guys, and am praying that Jamie has an AWESOME week of camp!!

  5. Hello Holly,Thanks for sharing these pictures. You made us feel like where there, huh. I have heard nothing but good news about Thailand. Am glad, God had brought you there, not only to teach but to minister as well. You're right, live your life OUTLOUD and share God's love to everyone.The best is yet to come!Remember me? ELSIE….

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