a pilgrimage

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
who have set their hearts
on pilgrimage.”

-Psalm 84:5

I think maybe I got homesick for the first time last night. It was like, I started to realize I am here to stay. (This is not bad, it’s just…wow.) I hate that I don’t know what’s ahead, and I don’t really know where home is anymore. I hate that I’m not in control. πŸ™‚

May I remember that our lives are not about finding stability and belonging — for those things are reserved for eternity. I’m trying to be two places at once, and I need to just let God have all of me. In perfect timing, I listened to a podcast of Calvary’s service last weekend, and Pastor Ray encouraged us all to declare to Jesus, “I’m all in!” Like the guys playing poker. So that’s my cry tonight. No matter where it takes me and no matter what happens to my own plans, I’m all in.

On a lighter note, I am WAY excited about teaching next week! The planning has seemed much easier in many ways, because I only have to focus on two subjects! We’ve been getting our rooms ready, and I got to meet the rest of the staff. My classes will range from 16-20 students each — pretty awesome. And maybe you noticed the picture above, of my classroom door. It says “Miss Holly,” because in Thailand, last names are so long teachers go by their first names.

I found a really great church last weekend. Please pray that I am able to discern how to use my free time well. Church involvement? Other ministries? Outreach? Relationships? Also, be praying for us as we prepare for our students. May our hearts and minds and classrooms be ready!

OH — one more thing to note: I met a teacher this week from Puyallup!! Kristin’s a PHS grad, and has often attended Calvary too. Encouraged my heart!

8 thoughts on “a pilgrimage

  1. Hello Holly,Don't be weary where God will lead you…what is important is He is walking with you and even ahead of you to show you the right path and "calling"….you're almost there ok. Hold on tight to His grip and continue to live your life OUTLOUD.BTW, you're MOM is just too proud of you and she send me this link so I can read your blogs….keep it up girl!Elsie

  2. Hey Holly,If I remember it right, you're in a Christian school, huh? Is there a FILIPINO ArT teacher by the name of ANDRE? His family is with him. The alst time I talked with him at FACEBOOK was that, he is employed in a Christian School in Thailand.Just asking!Elsie

  3. It is definitely exciting and scary to be living in another country. You are really brave to do it by yourself. I know you will do great there because you are so outgoing and kind. After 6 months things get easier once you are a bit more settled. Do a good work.

  4. Thanks, you guys, for the encouragement! Appreciate it. πŸ™‚ God is faithful, and I am excited for whatever's ahead. Elsie, I don't think I'm at Andre's school! I don't remember meeting an Andre…

  5. Hey Miss Holly!! Thanks for sharing your lows and highs. It helps me pray. I'm excited for you and the beginning of school… Can't wait to read about it soon! And…Kristin from PHS???!!! That's so cool!!!! What year did she graduate? Chin up, my precious friend! ILY, SJ

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