sharing life

This, my friends, is Chatuchak Market (JJ’s for short :). We went shopping there today, and (though it’s hard to tell from the picture) the place literally has everything — from Thai silk and t-shirts, to fluffy dogs and chicken kabobs. It was super fun, and we all came home with something, or thingsssss, I should say. On the way, we rode the Skytrain, and afterwards, we ate lunch at a nearby park. Below are some more pictures taken throughout the day.

I had to go to the Immigration office yesterday, to extend my visa. Two of the office people, Charlie and Sujimon, took me. They pretty much took care of everything — which was just fabulous — and when we finished, Sujimon and I even got to stop for coffee. Sujimon grew up in Bangkok but can speak English quite well (even though she wouldn’t say so!). She was so kind to me — buying my coffee and grabbing my hand when we crossed the crazy-busy streets — but the best part of all was hearing a bit of her story. She told me about the friend who first invited her to church…and how she was just amazed at the love these people had for the poor and needy, so she kept coming back. She told me how after she accepted Christ, so did her brother…and her mom…and her dad…and eight other family members too. And then, she told me about the people in her family who don’t believe…and how she just needs to pray for them more.

We weren’t at the coffee shop long, but our short conversaton was enough to encourage me…and humble me too. Man, I wish stories like that were more common. Maybe they would be, if we prayed for the lost with that kind of faith and urgency…or if we just shared our lives and stories more often with one another. We serve an amazing God — may we never forget.

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