The "whoa’s" of middle school

It’s only been two days, so I can’t really say what exactly teaching middle school at ICS is gonna be like. But, this I know thus far…

Whoa…I have so much less to plan!! Two subjects? I figure I plan the same amount in a week that I used to plan in one day.

Whoa…I have so much time to plan. Seventy minute planning periods? Sometimes more than one in a day? Can this be true?

Whoa…6th graders in Thailand are so much fun! They even laugh at my jokes still (I thought I’d only see eye-rolling, ha.)

Whoa…These kids really, actually, truly want to learn! One wrote on his get-to-know-you survey that he doesn’t like it when teachers play around. (I hope I never fit in that category! šŸ™‚

WhoaAnd I get to share about Jesus? I’m supposed to take time to build relationships with students, and put up Bible verses on the walls, and pray for them, and talk about my faith?

It has honestly been a joy, being a part of this school here. I am so encouraged by the students’ enthusiasm. They’ve loved everything I’ve thrown at them so far — from the sound effects on my powerpoints to the signal words I introduced today (Karshner peeps, you know what I mean! They are eatin’ up those GLAD strategies!). One teacher I know put it very well — You can still be cheesy with 6th graders in Thailand. And it’s true, they like that stuff! Plus, as we all know, I would be cheesy whether they liked it or not!

I’ve also been so impressed with ICS’s commitment to ministry. They have small groups, and chapels, and worship nights, and retreats, and outreaches all for students. I’m hoping to be a part of Friday Night Fellowship for middle schoolers. I also volunteered to help with the 2nd graders during Good News Club every week. (Thought I might miss those lil guys.)

I’m still praying about how to use the rest of my time. (To be honest, I’m getting kinda antsy.) I really want to be involved in some sort of ministry here in Bangkok, but I don’t know what that means yet. May I have eyes to see what God has for me in every moment.

5 thoughts on “The "whoa’s" of middle school

  1. WHOA is a great descriptor! That is FANTASTIC!! LOVE your room, but can't quite tell if there's a theme… It's ssooo cool that you're using the signal words!! I wish I could hear it happening. Keep up the great work, Miss Holly! Love you, SJ

  2. Wow, that is so awesome! How wonderful to get to share your faith with your students, that really sounds like a dream come true, you go girl! Gosh I'm not sure we're ever gonna get you back to the states. Enjoy every minute of it, what an amazing opportunity God had given you!

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