Tourist for a day

Yesterday was the Queen’s birthday, aka Mother’s Day, in Thailand…which, for us, mostly meant no school! So we went out and explored. From taxi, to skytrain, to river taxi, we ventured through some of the most touristy parts of Bangkok. This nifty boat, from a ritzy hotel nearby, even picked us up for free! Then we went inside the hotel…but didn’t stay long, because we couldn’t even afford dessert in this place! Check it out…

There are more pictures of it in the slideshow below. This was just the room for tea and such.
Once we reached our destination, Ko San Road, we ate some fabulous Indian food at Heidi’s favorite place. Ko San Road is crazy-busy and overflowing with vendors and shops and restaurants and tourists. It was weird to be around so many tourists. I think I like it better in our part of town, where Thais are excited to see you…and not so annoyed. Speaking of annoyed, the bug-cart guy freaked out on me because I took a picture of his cart. (Actually, he just made a pouty-face and pulled at my camera cord, but still.) I felt really bad, and I wish now that I would have paid him (some bug-carts actually have signs that say “photo 10 baht”), or at least asked him first. Oops!

So count yourself lucky, I risked my well-being for these two pictures:

Was a fun, and exhausting, day all in all, but we were all glad to come back and go to bed! Here are some more pictures of the day…

5 thoughts on “Tourist for a day

  1. Holly! This place looks AMAZING!!! And those were some GINORMOUS grasshoppers or whatever they were! Wowza friend! This is all so cool 🙂 you can follow me too but it's not nearly as cool as yours!

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