One month to the day!

Me and Karly with our matching Thai phrase books!

Yes, on July 24, 2009…exactly one month ago today…I stepped foot in Bangkok, Thailand for the very first time. In honor of this momentous anniversary, I am going to teach you all the Thai I know so far. Which…isn’t much.

Okay, you ready?

Sawaddee Kha! (or Sawaddee Krup if you’re a guy)….Hello!

Mai chai cohn Thai…I’m not Thai. Oh, you might not need that phrase.

Poot passat Thai mai dai…I don’t speak Thai. Probably won’t need that one either.

Kahp Kuhn Kha/Krup…..Thank you

Djeng ma!…That’s cool! (My Thai friends taught me that one. đŸ™‚

Aaaaand…that’s about it. I know a few more, but really, pray for me, because this whole “learning Thai” thing is pretty stinkin’ hard. (It’s not essential to learn, but I’d sure like to know a little!) I hope to get a tutor sometime, which the school will reimburse us for — awesome!!

Lastly, though, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, for letting me share my thoughts and my heart and my story with you every step of the way. Thank you for reading (aka listening), sharing comments (helps me know you’re there), and for praying too! It is a tremendous blessing to me and encourages my heart whenever I miss home.

And, this whole blogging thing, I love it so much I actually believe this is one reason why God sent me here!

4 thoughts on “One month to the day!

  1. One month already!! Hang in there, you'll be fluent before you know it!! And, like I keep telling you, you are a great writer! I love your blog and keeping up with your adventure and growth. You bring me much joy, my dear one!! Love you, SJ

  2. I enjoy reading them just as much as you enjoy writing them! You are seeing something for me that I will probably never get to experience, so thank you for sharing Holly! love you!

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