Seeing God’s hand at work

Sometimes I fail to see what God is doing. Even in my short two months here, I have already felt insecure, and incapable, and..well, in over my head. I begin to wonder why God brought me here, of all people. Me, Holly, who thrives on routine and predictability, who longs to be settled and stable. If only I were more adventurous, or more confident, or more mature.

But it doesn’t take long before God gently reminds me why I’m here. This week, it was during chapel, when I heard the testimonies of several students who have experienced God in real ways and are coming to know Him personally. And again, when I sat and talked with a missionary from Colombia who left her home to live in the slums of Bangkok. And once more, when one of the students at The Well told me (mostly through hand motions) that she’s excited to learn guitar because she loves Jesus, and it gives her a new way to worship Him.

I am humbled by God’s grace in allowing me to come here, and to be part of Thailand’s story. I know it’s not because I’m super-spiritual, or hyper-talented, or overly-brave. It’s simply because I’m willing…and He’s faithful. What an amazing God we serve!

Be praying for Thailand. I’m coming to love the people and the culture here. Dear friends, this land is broken by drugs, sexual exploitation, political unrest, and poverty. My friends and I were noting how different it is to serve here. Back home, you have to fill out background checks and applications and jump through a ton of hoops just to volunteer somewhere (and I understand there’s good reason). But here, all you have to do is show up. There are a bazillion opportunities to serve and give, and not nearly enough hands or resources or funds to fulfill the needs. May Jesus bring deliverance and healing and truth to this nation. Already there are so many missionaries and ministries here — may there be more!

Other randomness…

  • I am officially going to California for Christmas! I’m excited to spend over two weeks with family, enjoying the holidays American-style! 🙂
  • Way cool, I have a friend from college who’s also teaching right now in Bangkok. We’re far from one another, so we hadn’t seen each other until…a couple weeks ago ,we spotted each other at church! It turns out we’ll be going to the same church downtown and last week, our friends converged and we all hung out afterwards — so crazy!

4 thoughts on “Seeing God’s hand at work

  1. What a great post. Thanks for being obedient and open to God's call and venturing over to Thailand, despite not always feeling adventurous, confident, mature or equipped. Isn't He gracious to give us reminders as to really why He has called us here? I am thankful that you are here; you are a blessing to me.

  2. I admire your grace, you are doing something powerful. I'm glad you get to go home for Christmas, it will be nice to be "home" with family and friends for a short break. This will be our first Christmas without Carrie. She's going to Spain with a friend. I'm happy for her, but we'll miss her.K

  3. I haven't had a chance to check your blog in TWO weeks!!! Been kind of busy adjusting to motherhood…. Anyhow, I love how God keeps revealing to you His purposes and how you are allowing Him to mold you and use you. You are part of His story!! Awesome!! About Christmas….ANY CHANCE OF EVEN A LAYOVER IN WASHINGTON??!!! Love you, miss you tons, and wish we could just talk… SJ

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