ballets and breaks and bugs…in Bangkok

Here we are after an Italian ballet we got to see this week. Because we’ve had some bad luck with taxi drivers as of late, I think we spent more time in the taxi than at the ballet, hehe…but the evening was still a real treat. (We even had pasta for dinner and gelato for dessert, to carry on the Italian theme!)

Other happenings this week:

  • I booked plane tickets for…Vietnam! A couple friends and I are headed there for October Break. (We get a week off, which is just perfect for a little traveling. 🙂
  • We’re amazed by the many disasters that have struck Southeast Asia this week. It’s like all around us here! By the time the “storm” hit Bangkok, it was more like a light rain. In Social Studies class, my students and I took some time to talk and pray about all that’s happened. It blessed my heart to hear their sweet prayers for all those involved. May we continue to pray.

  • Look who I found in my bathroom! Luckily, whatever bug spray I bought works fabulously. He didn’t stand a chance, poor lil guy.

3 thoughts on “ballets and breaks and bugs…in Bangkok

  1. You're sure not with a bunch of homebodies are you? I love the building behind the ballet outing picture; that sounds like a fun night! Vietnam…aren't you gals the jet setters, off to holiday in another country. It just sounds all too fabulous. Guess who visited Karshner this weekend? Marnai! You probably already heard…she walked into my classroom this morning; I was totally shocked! Jody

  2. Holly you are truly getting to see some great things! I am so happy that you get to travel around and see some of this huge world that God gave us! keep the pictures coming! I love them!

  3. Holly, my heart aches. So many things have happened so close to your area. I know none of them have hit you guys hard (I make sure to keep updated, and since my sister-in-law works for World Vision, she tells me all about these places). But I sense God is protecting you and I am greatful! You are ever in my prayers.

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