Feels like home…

And I don’t just mean the rain.
Though, I guess you could say that’s part of it. Over these past weeks, I’ve found lots of little things I miss. You know, like the feeling of lush carpet between my toes…or taking a stroll through Target…or the joy of wearing sweaters on a crisp, fall day. Sigh. So when I see the clouds roll in and as the downpour begins (and as I throw on my rain jacket!), it’s kind of…comforting in a way. Familiar. Wet. Just like home. 🙂

I say that lightly, but the truth is, I am feeling more and more at home here. It’s so nice falling into a routine, getting to know people better, and watching “new” finally become “normal.” And while there certainly are things I miss, I’m growing a deep appreciation for this place. Mainly it’s the people. I’m inspired by the people I’ve met — the teachers I work with, the missionaries in the area, the Thai friends I’ve made. I feel so welcomed and cared for here.

(Sorry, I meant to post this before I left for Vietnam, but my Internet connection was having issues!)

On a serious note, the floods were actually pretty bad in our area, entering many teachers’ homes and giving us an EXTRA long October Break! Thankfully, the waters have receded, and it looks like life and ICS will finally be back in session tomorrow.
Here is just a peek at our lovely flood days…


One thought on “Feels like home…

  1. Man, we miss target too…and crisp weather. I am really missing fall this year. Our rainy season is about to begin so when it is all rainy out I pretend that it is cold and think of home. Hope all is well. Remember that we are in the humidity and mosquitoes together.

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