Vietnam’s Top Five

Kristi, Heidi, and I escaped our flood-covered lands and ventured off to Vietnam last Friday night. And, you know, I expected it to be good…maybe even great…but the trip was really just phenomenal. We got to see so many different parts of Vietnam and its culture — all packed into one crazy week!

In fact, there’s just so much I want to share, I’ve decided to break it up into the “Top Five” highlights of our fabulous trip. So, without further ado…

#5: Ho Chi Minh City

One thing you must know: the people in Vietnam love their motorbikes. They were everyhere! And even when it rained, they just pulled out their ponchos and carried on. Ho Chi Minh City was actually the last leg of our journey (which is probably why I didn’t take as many pictures…). We flew in from Hanoi on Thursday night and left Saturday night, leaving us two short days to shop and explore. And that we did!

We visited both the War Remnants Museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels while we were there. The museum was filled with photos, quotes, and statistics on the Vietnam War that, of course, seemed rather anti-American. But I felt compelled to look beyond that and see the message they were trying to convey. And it’s true, some of those things should have never happened. Ever. It was sad to see the many faces of the war and better understand the loss and destruction…on both sides. As for the tunnels, wow. We were just amazed by the brilliant strategies of the Vietnamese soldiers. We got to tour the tunnels a bit, too, which was really neat.

2 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Top Five

  1. Randy's on sound this weekend and we went to church last night so I've been spending my morning catching up on blogs I follow and my email. It's been very difficult to find even the smallest block of time these days!! I continue to praise the way you have boldly followed God's call and are adjusting to new experiences and life. Thank you for your example!! Love to read about your adventures. Love your videos and pictures. Love you!! –SJ

  2. So who plans these 'international' jaunts? It seems more than brave; what a chance of a lifetime. I'm glad you're getting so much out of this experience, and sharing it with us. It looks and sounds absolutely fascinating!Jody

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