The countdown continues…

#4: Hanoi

This, my friends, is where it all began. We landed in Hanoi on Friday night and really only spent Saturday here, walking the streets and touring the city. I think I mainly enjoyed the break from Bangkok’s crazy traffic and overcrowded streets (remember, I’m a small-town girl at heart!).

This is a photo of the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, which is where the first university in Vietnam was established. It was also a great spot for photos (lots of red doors, gotta love ’em). I guess the turtle is a symbol of nobility and good luck in Vietnam…so people like to come up and rub their little heads. ๐Ÿ™‚

One last thing to mention. Check this out. This is what happened when we befriended a couple little girls selling postcards on the street. Yeah, before we knew it, a whole crowd had gathered. Who knew we were that interesting? Hehe…
Here are some other shots of our time in Hanoi…

#3: Meals and Wheels…or something of the sort

Number 3 on my “Top Five” must be shared by two rather unrelated things (sorry to combine). This section is dedicated to the very eclectic varieties of food and transportation we encountered on our journey. To start, our means of travel…

We went by train.

(…and could never quite regulate the temperature. Needless to say, not our favorite.)

We went by boat.

…which you’ll hear much more about later!

We even went by bus, taxi, plane, and motorbike (not to mention, by foot of course!). It kept the trip moving (quite literally), and kept things interesting too! I won’t even try to count up our hours of travel time. I think it’s best not knowing. ๐Ÿ™‚ At any rate, onto food…

If you’re like me, you maybe didn’t remember (or never knew) that Vietnam was occupied by the French for…a long time. I’m sure the Vietnamese people are glad they’re gone, but I kind of appreciated some of the things they left behind. Cafes, for instance…and baguettes. What a treat! (Good bread is not something you find on every corner in Thailand, you see.)

Here we are below, at one of our favorite little cafes we stumbled upon — “Baguettes and Chocolates”…and yes, it surely lived up to its name!

French fries with chopsticks? Only in Vietnam!

And, of course, the Vietnamese food was unbelievably good as well. Pho (noodley soup), fresh spring rolls, and our favorite…boon tick neung (a.k.a. bowl of yummy goodness — order it next time you’re out for Vietnamese!).

2 thoughts on “The countdown continues…

  1. love seeing pictures of your travels and hearing that you are full of joy! praying for you this morning. that you feel refreshed and renewed for the coming school term! much love dear friend!

  2. don't forget the Bahn mi!!! and I love Pho. I'm glad your safe and didn't step on a land mine. phew!!! You'll have to tell me more when you come home for Christmas.

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