#2: Sapa

Ahhh, here we are in the lovely little mountain village of Sapa, Vietnam. We loved this place! Maybe it’s because we finally got to wear sweatshirts and socks, can you believe it? Or maybe it was the charming little cafes and shops all over. Or…could it have been this beautiful view right outside our hotel room?

Well, to be honest, that view only lasted one morning (the joy of coming during the rainy season). But for us, even that was such a treat. We spent three days and two nights here, hiking and shopping and eating, hehe.

We met many women from the hill tribes of Vietnam. Flower Hmongs, like this lady below, and Black Hmongs, and Red Daos.

At first, we enjoyed these overly friendly women. They eagerly posed for pictures…

And as we hiked the trails, they even held our hands.
(Okay, maybe not so heplful, but kind anyway.)

Yep, all to swoon us into buying some of their handmade crafts.

And then, it was like, we couldn’t get away from them. They followed us down the street…and even peeked through restaurant or store windows with their goods in hand.

By the time we left, we were haunted by little voices calling out…

“You buy from meeee?!”

“You promise!”

Rain and stalking tribal women aside, Sapa was absolutely beautiful. We so enjoyed relaxing together and taking in the fresh mountain air.

Here are some other Sapa highlights…


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