And the winner is…#1 Halong Bay

Okay, so you’re maybe tired of hearing about Vietnam by now (sorry, I haven’t traveled much, hehe), but I have one more place to share about…Halong Bay!

It’s actually one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” What that title means or exactly who decided it, I have no idea. But it sure sounds important. 🙂

Again, the weather didn’t particularly cooperate, but still…over 1,000 mountainous islands towering over the deep sea below? Yeah, pretty spectacular to say the least.

Not only that, but we got to enjoy it all from the comforts of The Classic Sail, our fabulous little “junk” boat thing. And to call it a “junk” just doesn’t do it justice. 🙂

We were so stinkin’ blessed on this little outing, because The Classic Sail was amazing, and we had the boat all to ourselves — aside from a lovely Spanish couple on their honeymoon!

The rooms were beautiful — and the beds so cozy!

And the meals were over the top! Course after course of unbelievable food…fresh sea food and even this vegetable bouquet Heidi is showcasing here.

I guess I just didn’t expect such wonderful accomodations. It’s not like we spent that much money, and you just never know what you’ll get for what you pay.

Anyway, the Halong Bay cruise was certainly the highlight of our trip. We spent one night aboard the boat and even got to kayak around and swim and tour a huge cave too!

Check it out…

5 thoughts on “And the winner is…#1 Halong Bay

  1. I final made it to your Blog again. What an adventure in Vietnam! I love getting a glimpse of your life as you live out loud… sharing your struggles and joys…I can almost hear the narrator guy talking he he he! It is a real encouragement to see you serving the Lord whole-heartedly. Treasure each day as an opportunity to draw closer to the Savior and for Him to use you beyond your means. Praying for you! Love ya, Beth

  2. The last several postings of your trip to Vietnam have been amazing!! Randy even came and looked on!! You are continuing to live life out loud!! What a blessing you are to me, dear one!! Love you, SJ

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