something’s just not right

This is not how it should be.
This is not how it could be.
This is how it is.
Our God is in control.

This is not how it will be,
when we finally will see.
We’ll see with our own eyes,
He was always in control.

-Steven Curtis Chapman, Our God is in Control.

Does it get to you? Because sometimes, it just gets to me. I look at my life and my own brokenness. I look at the world. And I know. This is not how it should be.

And yet, I keep looking for things that a broken world can never produce. And I can’t stop trying to make “how it should be” out of “how it is”…instead of waiting for “how it will be.”

This is not how it should be means there’s a better way, a grand design, a chance for redemption. This is not how it should be means that injustice is heard and loss is counted.

This is not how it should be. And I am so glad.

*These lyrics are from a song on Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest album, “Beauty Will Rise,” which was produced in the midst of his deep grief after the loss of his daughter, Maria. Powerful, moving stuff. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “something’s just not right

  1. I've been reading a wonderful book called Hinds' feet on High places that you might want to check out but in the preface the author, Hannah Hurnard, writes ". . even the most unjust and cruel things, as well as all seemingly pointless and undeserved sufferings, have been permited by God as a glorious opportunity for us to react to them in such a way that our Lord and Savior is able to produce in us, little by little, his own lovely character." something to really take to heart in these trying times.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I've heard of that book before — I should pick it up sometime. Thanks also for your concern. Sorry to make it sound like I'm not doing well. I'm actually at a great place in life right now. But it seems that even the best the world has to offer…reminds me that I'm not home yet. Ya know? :)Thanks for reading.

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