Hello friends, just an update. I was a bit sick last week and, for the record, it was not H1N1…though I did get my share of drugs from the doctor — only two of which I actually took. 🙂 Clearly, they’re a lot more generous with their medication here. Kind of nice, considering I only saw the doctor for like five minutes.
The swine flu has been quite present here, and because there have been five cases in the 6th grade, our whole grade was canceled for this week — Tuesday through Friday! Can you believe it? When I announced it to the kids, oh my word, they were ecstatic. (Until the homework came, that is, haha.) And even I was trying not to smile, expressing the rather serious nature of this kind of thing. (Everyone who has been sick has recovered well.)
So yeah, been filling my days with some planning and grading and extra sleeping…been rather nice! And only four more weeks until Christmas break now…the halfway point. Wow!
Thinking of you all and hoping all is well.

2 thoughts on “de-bugging

  1. Oh Holly… so glad you are better. Glad you got a little break to catch up. Have a great week. One more week til Turkey Day when we count our blessings… and you are defiantly one!!!

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