taking flight

gibbon [gib-uh n] noun small, slender, long-armed ape of the East Indies and Southern Asia

Last weekend, we visited “The Flight of the Gibbons,” a 24-platform zipline course through the jungles just outside of Bangkok. We got to swing from treetop to treetop, just like little monkeys — except that we could glide around hands-free! Gotta love the safety harness and cables. 😀 Always wanted to try ziplining, so it was super exciting!! I know, now you wish you had come. So here’s a video to make you feel just like you were there. (Sorry I kind of scream like a pansy.)


Then, we visited this open zoo, where some of the animals (tigers included) were only a small wooden fence away from us. A little different from the hyper-safe zoos in the states — but, hey, much easier for picture-taking! Doesn’t that tiger guy look like he wants to bite someone’s head off? Hehe.

All in all, another great “tourist” type outing. Love it. More pics below. Enjoy!


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