Another day of (un)rest: the situation in Thailand

Hi all! Reporting from Bangkok, here. Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about political unrest in Thailand, so I wanted to explain the situation…AND especially make clear that WE ARE SAFE. ICS is quite far from any of the demonstration areas. In fact, for us, these major protests have meant a quiet weekend close to home, and now, a day off school (tomorrow).

Here are a couple links about what’s happening:
Of course, there is always potential for things to go awry, so do be praying for peace and safety to continue. We also pray that the government here will make wise decisions and that all of this will result in real solutions. As a foreigner, I humbly admit that I don’t fully understand all that’s going on, or what to pray for regarding politics. So, most of all, please pray that political unrest moves people to spiritual unrest…and that in seeking peace and stability, the people of Thailand find true peace through Jesus Christ.
I’m feeling convicted tonight about how I allow my unbelief to stifle prayers and downsize dreams. Who are we to decide what is possible? How can we even limit our prayers or expectations to what our finite minds can imagine? In other words, may we pray in faith that God is doing something GREAT here in Thailand, and around our world, and even within our own hearts.
Until next time, this is your very own correspondent from Bangkok, signing off…

3 thoughts on “Another day of (un)rest: the situation in Thailand

  1. Amen. May we ask for amazing and powerful things of an amazing and powerful God, always understanding that He will have His way, His will be done, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the graciousness of God through Jesus!Love you Holly!

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