25 things I’ve learned (or decided) in 25 years…

My fortune cookie from yesterday, can you believe it? What luck!

  1. Extend grace.
  2. Always assume the best until proven otherwise.
  3. Do it when you think of it, or you’ll just forget.
  4. God’s will is not a place, but a state of heart.
  5. There is beauty in brokenness.
  6. Seriously, don’t play ball in the house.
  7. Be frugal so you can be generous.
  8. Eternity changes everything.
  9. I may pretend, but I am not in control.
  10. If you didn’t remember you had it, just get rid of it.
  11. Always have a spare key handy.
  12. Honesty in relationships could actually change the world.
  13. It’s best not to use sound effects in a classroom full of 2nd grade boys.
  14. If you can’t love who they are, love who they were meant to be.
  15. It’s all about balance.
  16. Say what you need to say.
  17. Wherever you are, be there (and not just literally).
  18. Practice thankfulness…every day.
  19. Choose faith over fear.
  20. Peanut butter really does go with just about everything.
  21. Insecurities and weaknesses lose power when shared.
  22. If you’re not sure, just ask.
  23. Valleys never last forever.
  24. Sometimes the process is more important than the product.
  25. The best is yet to come.

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