And we’re off! Another fantastic summer has passed me by, and already my second school year in Bangkok has begun this week! It’s kind of weird when 17 hour flights become normal and I can jump from one world to the next without hardly thinkin’ about it.

So…sad side-note: I think my camera’s broken, and so my blog as of now will be picture-less for a time, it seems.
Other than that, just wanting to keep you all at home posted on the latest…
  • My time in America was more than I could ask for (except that I didn’t make it to Montana, sad). I got to attend Karshner Field Day, visit with dear friends in Oregon and Washington, spend quality time with my mom, have a brothers-only birthday, and soak in the amazingly mild summer weather! Ahhhh! I never felt hot once.
  • I’m teaching 6th grade language arts/social studies again this year, and YES, it’s nice teaching the same thing and feeling ahead of the game for once! (We’ll see how long that lasts!) Year four of teaching — it’s gotta get easier, right?
  • I have moved to an apartment building right next to school with my friend, Tawnya. It’s convenient and a nice little living space. My bedroom kind of reminds me of college life again — it has that on-a-budget, this-is-temporary feel, haha.
Ways you can be praying…
  • Pray for ICS, my school. Pray that God moves mightily this year and transforms the lives of students and families as they come to know the love and truth of the Gospel. It’s an awesome ministry we have here, and I’m just overwhelmed by the privilege to serve in this way.
  • Pray for Thailand. Pray for continued peace, and for the church in Thailand. Pray that Jesus is made known here and that the hopeless find hope in Him.
  • Pray for me, as I make my decision to stay in Thailand or go back home next year. We have to decide by the start of December, and while I’m rather certain I’m meant to go home, please pray for continued clarity and peace in this decision!
Can’t believe where God has taken me since last summer (and I don’t just mean the location!).
I pray that He’s taking you places you never imagined and increasing your faith too, as you seek and follow Him.
Pics from the summer!!!

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