save me from myself

"If your first concern is to look after yourself, you'll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you'll find both yourself and me." -Jesus [Mt. 10:38-39, the MSG]

This week, something peculiar happened. I was sitting in church, and I was happy. Really, really happy. And why not? God has led me here to Bangkok, has called me here to stay, has given me favor on all sides, and it feels so good. I love my friends, my job, my church, my new home, and I love what God is doing here. But as I sat there, I noticed something else that had crept its way into my heart:

A desire to cling…to hold onto what I have and secure it.

In just a matter of days, my fire and desperation and hunger for God and His purposes had ever so slightly begun to fade in the light of my richly satisfying life. And in that moment, I realized how it happens…how people get comfortable, how churches fall to complacency, how passion dies. It's just so easy.

So this week, my prayer has been, Oh God, save me from myself! Fix my eyes on You and all that is eternal. May I not be content to be content, but instead keep me asking, seeking, hungry.

And how great it is that our God is more than willing, more than eager, to answer our prayers and change our hearts.

Other prayers/highlights:

-Please pray that my church, LifeCenter, will find the best permanent venue that will house us well and give us space to grow. We continue to increase in numbers and energy; it is a joy! Pray for my role there and how God might best use me.

-Language school is awesome. I love it! Pray that we will learn quickly, and that my voice will hold out after teaching all day and then practicing language two hours after school.

-We had a school-wide staff retreat last weekend. It was a ton of fun. Please pray for God's protection over our school and the ministry we have there. Pray for unity. Pray that the souls of students and families alike will be saved!


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