to just be

Dear God,

I promise I’m not gonna overanalyze today. I’m not gonna overthink. I’m not gonna try to figure things out that are beyond me, or try to fix the brokenness found within my own heart. I’m not gonna try to make up excuses for the ways that I fail, and I’m not gonna try to find my own redemption. I am just going to be.

I’m going to be me, broken yet beautiful, always in process, before You.

I’m going to admit that I don’t have things together, and that I desperately, utterly need You.

I’m going to sit in Your presence and delight in knowing that You receive me as I am, You take joy in who I am, and You are determined to make me more like You.

I know my love is not perfect. I know I can’t love in the ways I desire to. I know I have so far to go in understanding Your love. I know that I don’t always say the right things, or do the right things, or handle myself the right way. I know.

But I also know that You never give up on me. I know that Your love is enough for me. I know that You will teach me, and grow me, and fill me, and use me, and mold me…not because I do the right things or because I’m worthy, but simply because my life is Yours, fully surrendered to You and submitted to Your leading. You are my LORD. Adonai.

So fix my eyes on you this day. Grant me the joy of resting in Your presence. Give me a soft heart, and open eyes, and a spirit that keeps asking, keeps walking, keeps trying.

I choose to walk in freedom today. I choose to walk in faith. I choose to delight myself in You alone, oh God.

One thought on “to just be

  1. I’ve been needing a Holly fix and have been checking in lately. I loved reading this entry because it could have been me writing it, except I can’t write like you, so thank you. I love the message, and it’s been brought home to me through messages at Calvary, at the Women of Faith conference and now through you. So good to hear from you, Love, Jody

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