How you can pray

So like I said, I’ve been learning about prayer lately. And as I’ve reflected on prayer, the power of prayer, and how God uses our prayers to complete His work, I started to feel a little guilty that I haven’t been asking others to join me in specific prayer needs over here. I mean, shoot, are we living like we really believe in the power of prayer or what?

So here we go. I’m gonna really plan to update more and to inform anyone anywhere of ways you can be praying.

Life Center Bangkok


Since our official launch last August, we’ve been growing like crazy and seeing God do so much! Nowadays, we are averaging around 100 people every Sunday, and we’ve already seen so many people come to know Jesus in our midst. Please pray for us!

  • Pray for Pastors Daniel and Paulina and their family who give their hearts to serve our church and city. Pray for God’s wisdom, protection, and power at work in their lives.
  • Pray for growth and depth. We are growing and we don’t want to stop anytime soon! Please pray that God will provide committed people to serve, financial resources, and the space to continue to grow and reach our city!
  • We recently started our “Life Group” ministry. Mine meets every Saturday at my apartment. Like all things at Life Center, we want to be Jesus-centered and outward-focused. Please pray that God will give me wisdom and boldness as I lead. Right now, we’re praying for the people right in our community and looking for ways to reach out to them. Maybe an Easter dinner? Or passing out treats to our neighbors.

ICS Bangkok

I’m still teaching 6th grade language arts this year, though next year I will be going back to my elementary roots and teaching 2nd grade here at ICS. It’s pretty awesome that we get to share God’s love and truth here as we teach and serve these students. Some ways you can pray:

  • Pray for our staff and administration. Pray for wisdom, for unity, for pure hearts that hear God’s voice and follow.
  • Pray for our students. Please pray especially for the new believers, namely those who don’t have a lot Christian support. Pray that God would draw hearts to Himself, that lives and families would be transformed by His love!

Life in Bangkok

Please pray that God would continue to direct me in my relationships and in opportunities to share the Gospel. Pray for my friends who are new Christians — Iit, Daeng, the guard at my apartment — and for the many others who have taken interest but aren’t ready to step out in faith. It’s crazy to run into people every day who have never really heard about Jesus. Oh that we would pour out our lives to proclaim His salvation for all who will receive it!

Are there ways that I can be praying for you? If so, please comment, or email prayer requests to me:


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