Do I really believe this? Sharing the Gospel in Cambodia


In April, we took our first ever mission trip as Life Center Bangkok: three short days in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our goal was simple: share about God’s love with anybody and everybody who’d listen. By day, we met people and tried to build relationships; by night, we held meetings at a nearby hotel and shared life stories, and God’s story too. We didn’t have elaborate strategies for getting people through the door; we didn’t even pass anything out to those we met. But in faith, we prayed and believed God’s heart for these people.

And somewhere in the middle of it all, I did start to wonder. I wondered what other Christians I know would think about our methods. I wondered if everyone back home in America would even approve. Would they think we’re crazy, boldly coming up to strangers in a foreign land and asking if we could share about Jesus? Or impolite? Or over the top?

The thing is, it is a little crazy, right? We are a little radical. And if I had doubts — any at all — that this Gospel is true, and powerful, and life-changing, then maybe doing all of that is pretty stupid. But how can I deny what I know? How can I deny what I’ve seen and experienced? How can I deny this God who has revealed His love to my heart, who has healed brokenness before my eyes, who has changed my life and others’ too? And if this God is real, if Jesus truly is the Hope of all hearts, and cities, and nations…then how can I not share with everyone and anyone? How can I not proclaim the truth I know, that others might find salvation and freedom and life in Jesus?

So maybe many in the church do have doubts, and maybe if you have doubts, you shouldn’t find yourself standing on the streets of another country, proclaiming a Gospel you’re not sold on. But I pray that God will reveal Himself so powerfully to His church, that every Christian would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is all that He says He is…that “radical” wouldn’t be radical anymore, and that whether it’s in America, or Africa, or Cambodia, all believers would find themselves doing crazy things sometimes.


By the way, we had the joy of seeing God do some amazing things in Cambodia. On our short trip, we made contact with over 40 people who are interested in building a church in Siem Reap. Many at the evening meetings made decisions to follow Jesus, and eight were even baptized. Our God is unbelievable! Teams from my church will continue to go to Siem Reap as God carries on the work He started!

Last of all, thought I’d share this slideshow. I made it to share about Thailand with my mom’s church (which didn’t work out), so at least I can share it with all of you. Maybe it will give you some ideas for how to pray. I stole a lot of the pictures from Facebook, so thanks FB friends! 🙂

Greater Things: Thailand 2011-2012 from Holly Stangle on Vimeo.

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