Let emptiness come

A few weeks ago, my life slowed down.  After months filled with planned vacations, family events, and social engagements, things just…faded out.  And at first, it was nice.  You know, sleeping in on the weekends and declaring (to myself, of course, since I live alone), “I can do whatever I want today!”  I love a day with no plans.

But even for me, time began to slow down.  Even for me, it was…Too. Much. Space.  And then…that dreaded thing we all fear began to settle in.

I started to feel lonely.

The thing about loneliness is that it’s in itself isolating.  You can’t just tell people you feel lonely.  Then they feel bad and think about what they can invite you to. Or they think up ways to help.  Maybe you need a hobby…or an eharmony account…or a puppy.   (Our world is all about quick fixes.)

For me, as well, the temptation at first was the same.  I wanted to fill the void, and I knew I could.  I could over-commit at work, or try to plan some weekend trips away, or call up friends until I had something to do.  None of those things are necessarily wrong.  But deep down, I knew I didn’t want to be busy just to be busy, you know?  Deep down, I knew I just needed to embrace the emptiness and see what God would do.

And our God, He’s all about the empty things.  In the scriptures, we read that it is the hungry who are satisfied, and the needy whose cries are heard by God.  It says that those who mourn shall be comforted, and that it’s the dry, barren places the Lord comes to fill with streams of life.

There is something about the empty things that move the heart of God.  But it’s sure hard to get there.  Everything in us wants to fill that void before we get there.  Everything in us would rather be satisfied in anything else but God alone.  Everything in us seeks to avoid feeling empty, or sad, or lonely.

And yet maybe the very thing we’re running from is exactly where we find what we’re looking for.

It’s the emptiness that reveals our brokenness, our frailty, and our need for something bigger than ourselves.  It’s in the waiting that we realize Jesus is truly enough.  It’s in the quiet that we begin to know His voice.

And if you’ve ever held out, and let the emptiness come, you’ll know that it’s Jesus Himself who meets us there.  And in that space, there is peace and there is joy so much deeper than that superficial, temporary stuff the world wants us to settle for.  Often it’s getting to those empty places that leads us to the greater things God has in store.

So when the pressures of life begin to unravel our confidence.  Or when the things of the world no longer satisfy our hearts.  Or when the quiet becomes too much to handle.

Let emptiness come.

I don’t yet know all that God has for me in these days, but I know He’s in this.  And instead of dread, I’m starting to even feel excited, because some of His most beautiful treasures are found right here in the waiting.




8 thoughts on “Let emptiness come

  1. I’ve come to understand that we learn the most valuable things during times when we feel uncomfortable and stretched. Being aware of this truth helps get me through the rough days.

  2. Amen Holly! Some of my sweerest times with Jesus have been when I felt I didn’t have a friend in the world. Excited to see how he woos you in the emptiness.

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